In India most of the Men's think "facials are an extravagance better suited to ladies" that kind of thinking is wrong. ou trust a professional to cut your hair, why don’t you do the same for your face?
No matter how much you wash your face or how often you slather on moisturizer, the skin on your face can go crazy at the drop of a hat. When it does, you may not know what to do. That’s where an esthetician comes in. we are trained professionals who know exactly what to do to make you look better.

Our Experts deeply cleanse skin before exfoliating away dead skin cells, steaming open pores, performing extractions to clear individually clogged pores, and applying a toner. The facials may include a vigorous face, neck, and shoulder massage

Reasons to Get a Facial

Facials is the perfect way to get clean, healthy and glowing skin. Every facial will start with a deep and thorough cleansing of your skin (sometimes with multiple cleansers) Cleansing can remove oil, sweat, dirt, bacteria, fungus, and dead skin cells

If you want to keep extra glow on your face there are three ways to cleanse the face: facial cleansers, cleansing implements, or the use of a cleansing product along with a supplemental tool.

By regular facials blackheads removed from face we prefered Soap-free cleansers are more appropriate for use on the face, depending on the skin's sensitivity.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I expect to experience break out after men’s facial service?

Ans. The short answer is no. The products we use are not irritating to the skin and should not cause breakout to surface. In fact, having a facial is recommended to speed the healing process and relieve the discomfort of current acne lesions.

Q2. What product line do you use in men’s facial services?

Ans. The only line that we currently use is Image. We love this brand due to its dedication to staying as natural as possible while still delivering results that are only possible to achieve when using high levels of active ingredients. From the environmentally friendly packaging to the contents, Image is an incredible source for safe, effective skin care and uses only food grade preservatives, no synthetic dyes and only the best cold-pressed essential oils for fragrance.

Q3. What should i experience after men’s facial?

Ans. You will leave your service feeling hydrated and relaxed and your skin will look healthy and glowing. If your appointment is later in the day we typically prepare your skin for night and no cleansing is necessary before bed. If your service is completed early in the day protection products will be applied and cleansing before bed will be recommended.

Q4.Should I have men’s facial before an important event?

Ans. On average 3-6 weeks.

Q5. What is the ideal hair length for my wax?

Ans. Absolutely! Your skin will look healthy and glowing directly after your service.

Q6. Should I have a men’s facial if I have sensitive skin?

Ans. Yes. There are many factors involved in sensitive skin and sometimes a facial service can help determine through diagnosis what you can do at home to both offer relief for your current state as well as prevent your condition from worsening.

Q7. May I have a body waxing service during men’s facial?

Ans. Yes. This is done routinely and is no problem to accommodate.

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